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E.C on the BEATS Vol.1

After 4 months of procrastination I’ve finally finished my first beat tape/album. I’ve heard quite a few from other beatmakers and have always wanted to do my own. So I said F it and did. But it wasnt actually until I heard 9th Wonders beat tape. Obviously he’s a beast on the beats, so when I heard it I was instantly motivated. So I got to work.

Initially, I ended up with about an hour long of beats but then had to step back and look at it from the outside. I figured, well I’m not very well known as a beatmaker (yet) so I should probably cut it in half and make it short and sweet. So the final product is a 30 minute beat tape of 30 beats. Various types dating from 2007-2009 and even a few from 2010. Some have been rapped on some haven’t. Now go get yourself a cold one and enjoy.


E.C on the BEATS Vol.1 | dot label.



Shouts to Purehip-hop.blogspot for putting me up on this upcoming project from Ayatollah. In addition to the other beat albums he already dropped this year, he’s gonna be dropping some 3 discs full of intrumentals. Cant wait to hear this assortment of beats! 69 in total all from the Mpc 60. Dropping Aug. 10th! Don’t sleep.

“Reefer” is from Ayatollah’s new album “Cocoon,” available on iTunes, Amazon, and all other digital retailers on July 20, 2010. Directed by Yoni Arava.

your boy al

came across this little clip of alchemist/buc 50and got juiced. its just a little insight on come old NYU sessions from 1997. now i just wanna leave my jayo bee and go back to the lab and make some gold records! peep


9th on the beat. peep game suckaz

90’s Hip-Hop on your iPhone?


Producer, MC, and software developer Insight (Y Society) treats us to BeatSequencer BoomBap for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. Designed for speed and simplicity, the drum sequencer features auto-quantizing, simple pattern creation, and kits modeled after 90’s styled Hip-Hop.

* A total of 85 super punchy kick drums
* Crunchy snares, crispy hats & percussion sounds
* 16 step switches for editing sounds on a sequence
* Auto-quantizing so recorded hits always fall on time
* Save and load your sequences
* Record button to add sounds to a drum loop
* Eight drum kits, and ten pads
* Close the app and start where you left off
* Creating a pattern only takes a few seconds

Head over to BeatSequencer Boombap for complete info

better yet, do yourself a favor. get a job. save some money. start collecting records. keep your job. keep digging. drop the best $900 you will ever spend in your life on an MPC and make beats the way its supposed to be done not by a 1.99 application on your phone that has sounds layed out for you already. find you own sound.