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E.C on the BEATS Vol.1

After 4 months of procrastination I’ve finally finished my first beat tape/album. I’ve heard quite a few from other beatmakers and have always wanted to do my own. So I said F it and did. But it wasnt actually until I heard 9th Wonders beat tape. Obviously he’s a beast on the beats, so when I heard it I was instantly motivated. So I got to work.

Initially, I ended up with about an hour long of beats but then had to step back and look at it from the outside. I figured, well I’m not very well known as a beatmaker (yet) so I should probably cut it in half and make it short and sweet. So the final product is a 30 minute beat tape of 30 beats. Various types dating from 2007-2009 and even a few from 2010. Some have been rapped on some haven’t. Now go get yourself a cold one and enjoy.


E.C on the BEATS Vol.1 | dot label.


RIP Mic Dot Pt 6

Rest in Peace Michael “Dot Com” Denman of the Addict Merchants.

Come help the Sacramento Hiphop Community Celebrate the Life and Music of one of our own.

Saturday February 20th 2010

@Blue Lamp

1400 Alhambra Blvd , Sacramento

Minimum $5 Donation.

All proceeds go to the family of Michael “Dot Com” Denman

Also, Just in case you missed Dj Riff Raff’s Global Underground Rundfunk on KDVS 90.3fm last week, the show was dedicated to the memory of DOT.

check in here. DJ Riff Raff- Global Underground Rundfunk 2/2/10

RIP Mic Dot Pt 5

To all Hiphop heads in the Sacramento area, help the celebrate the life and music of one of our own Mike “Dot Com” Denman. All proceeds to will be to the family of Mike D. Please come out and support one of the MC’s who really defined Sacramento Hiphop.
Also, more blessings from the ADx2wice hidden files.

Mic Dot- Un-Love produced by Monsrock


Heres some more Dot.com unreleased material I came across on EJ’s myspace. A while back i was shooting beats to my Merchanto Amigos but didnt know these recordings existed. i only heard this one and a couple others for the first time today. so this here is straight out the AM top secret vault. please brothas, shoot me some more. Mic was a dope MC and a friend. Through these tracks he’s always with us.
AM. Forever

The Sun- Addict Merchants production by Monsrock


This weeks edition of Battlefield Funk Radio was dedicated to the spirit of my man Mic Dot/Ionize/Dot Com/Mike D. Salute to you brothas at BFFR. thats whats up.
check in.
mp3- Battlefield Funk Radio 1/28/10

“you microsoft crews aint word perfect. the team that im on, writes our songs on a hydrogen bomb so when we blow up, its felt from sac to iraq and that more verbal destuction you can shake a stick at im burnin up!”
-mike d


While im at it, here’s a couple more unreleased joints featuring Mike and Freeze produced by the Cold Twelvers Pack. The video footage from this session was hilarious. peep the transmission.

Addict Merchants – Who’s That Production by E dot C

Addict Merchants- Why-O Productos by Monsrock


To Mike Denman,
Thank you for your time, your humor and sharing your creativity with us. You and yours have always been an inspiration to me personally. I’ve always considered myself an honorary Merchanto Amigo and am proud to have been part of your opening act. You will be missed.

addict merchants forever.


Rosetta Stone feat. Mic Dot and Freeze of Addict Merchants
Produced by Monsrock