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E.C on the BEATS Vol.1

After 4 months of procrastination I’ve finally finished my first beat tape/album. I’ve heard quite a few from other beatmakers and have always wanted to do my own. So I said F it and did. But it wasnt actually until I heard 9th Wonders beat tape. Obviously he’s a beast on the beats, so when I heard it I was instantly motivated. So I got to work.

Initially, I ended up with about an hour long of beats but then had to step back and look at it from the outside. I figured, well I’m not very well known as a beatmaker (yet) so I should probably cut it in half and make it short and sweet. So the final product is a 30 minute beat tape of 30 beats. Various types dating from 2007-2009 and even a few from 2010. Some have been rapped on some haven’t. Now go get yourself a cold one and enjoy.


E.C on the BEATS Vol.1 | dot label.


Cash Dreed- Cash Rules

Here it is kids. The free download from Cash Dreed. Enjoy.

Cash Rules | dot label.

About Cash Dreed:

I hate reading an artists bio when it sounds like someone else wrote it knowing godamn well they did. I wish I was in a position so that someone else could do mine, unfortunatley that’s not the case so here we go. Founded in sacramento ca. Mons and me (robcfromine) spun cash Dreed off of ine in 200?maintaining the same born to Mack meets boom bap appeal, rather then opting to go for self and turn this into the rob show I opted to go with the classic beatmaker, emcee tandem like what we grew up bumping(gangstar,pete rock & cl smooth). Just like that Cash Dreed is born. It wouldn’t be fair to do it any other way. Mons and me, man we go back like two catfish in a skillet. We started ine with Jake UNO in 98,99 and while ine still remains intact as a collective the 500 miles between us has cut down on the sessions to say the least. With that being said the party don’t stop, mons is still conducting behind the box and as long as the mic goes on ill deliver the speech. the show must go on, it’s only right this is who we are. I said in the first cash Dreed bio, recording for me is like taking a piss in the morning. It’s standard. Hard beats, real rap. Once it hits you’ll know right away, no filler or funny ass dance to camoflauge anything. We’re right here, the same crew, same two dudes from two towns. No hype, no games just champagne in a brown paper bag, so get your cups and and let the tape run.



Some low budget footage of yours truly, messin with the Mpc.


courtesy of HeroFIlms
The BART Series Beatbattle brought to you by Phillip Drummond/Beats Rhymes and Life.
Dot Label’s own Monsrock and Edot C compete. Lets see what happened.


Gotta give a shout out to my cuz Monsrock for taking the crown in last nights BART SERIES BEAT BATTLE that went down in S.F. On a last minutes notice, I hit him up around 3pm and told him we should hit the up the event. Hesitant at first, he decided to roll out along with our video man, Andrew Z who got plenty of footage. It was a long night with plenty of beatmakers in the spot who had some audio heat. Mons and I both passed the first round only to end up battling each other in the 2nd round! What a coincidence. Once he got passed me it was over. After 4 long hours Williecrackanother walked out victorious with a nice cash prize in hand. I guess it was worth the 1 1/2 hr drive after all. Congrats Monsrock.

I want a rematch.

Video footage from the battle coming very soon.

Cap City Grown


It’s been a minute so I thought I’d hit ya’ll with some new beats. Just some randomness that I pulled from the stash. I even made sure to throw in a keyboard beat! Along with that is a remix I did over some local cats joint, Lush One and Eddie K. The song is called Get It Off Your Chest from the album “Music For Dope Runs”, which is from Phillip Drummond and Lush One. Peep that ish too! Peace.
NOD- Edstrumental


Lush One & Eddie K- Get It Off Your Chest (E.C Remix)